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FIS Busy SunGard - Need for Vendor Simplicity? 

Gary Norcross, President and CEO of FIS made the statement yesterday, "We believe SunGard is a perfect fit." Norcross stated big financial institutions want to deal with fewer vendors, making it an advantage to have FIS and SunGard packaged.  

What it really means is we will have a more difficult time understanding the concentration risk factors that must now be considered. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand the desire to put the eggs all in one basket. It is simply easier to bring them to market. Plus, if I want an omelet, we don't have to go far.  Oh yes... there is the old adage of having only one throat to choke when things spin out of control. 

But the fact is my relationship with large, multi-product service providers is already far more complicated.  Large service providers like FIS, Fiserv, Jack Henry, D&H, etc. are already internally silo'd like Microsoft, Oracel, Cisco are in the tech side.  So does it really feel like it's any easier to work with one vendor verses multiple vendors? 

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